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Letting Your Property

If you’ve never let a holiday home before this can seem a bit daunting.
There are really two routes to go. You can market the property yourself or you can work with an Agency.
DIY Rental
We know from experience that doing your own marketing can be very time consuming and results can be disappointing. To maximise bookings you need to be available to answer rental enquiries almost all the time and certainly within 3 hours of an inquiry. You will still lose out on bookings to the increasing proportion of people who like to book online in real time, as they’ve become used to doing with hotels, airlines, train tickets and car rentals. You also need to pay up front to advertise on a range of rental websites.
Use an agency
Up to 25 percent of your annual rental income goes to the agency. And some rental agencies also tie you in to paying over the odds for key-holding, cleaning and laundry services.
West Country Lets
West Country Lets has been set up to bridge the gap between doing your own marketing and using an old-fashioned rental agency.
•    We are experts in online marketing
•    We are based in the West country and know the area.
•    We work closely with owners to help them maximise income. We won’t just put your property on our website. We’ll personally inspect and photograph it and work with you to make any changes needed to maximise rental income.
•    You will pay fees only on the holidays we book
•    During our launch period there is no set up fee. We will inspect your property, take photographs and write a detailed description completely free of charge.
•    All owners receive a complete online service including a special login. You’ll be able to view arrivals and departures online and even provide online information for your cleaner.

If you are interested in us marketing your holiday property, you can call us on 01803 864 551 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for further information.

Managing your Holiday Property
For people who live a long way from their second home this can be a real worry. We have partner companies we can recommend to look after meet and greet, cleaning, laundry, key-holding and maintenance. And because we are based locally in South Devon, we are on hand to help if anything goes wrong.


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