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Frequently Asked Questions

Are all properties self-contained?

All our properties are self-contained.    

What's it like inside?

All our properties are fully equipped for the number of people specified. Some are more luxurious than others but all are places we'd be happy to stay ourselves.

 What’s it like outside?

If there is a garden we will say so in the description.  Even if they don’t have a garden most of our properties have outside space where you can sit outside.

What about the area around the property?

One of the things we really put effort into is providing information on the local area including the best pubs, restaurants and local attractions. We know that by being locally based in the heart of Devon we can do a much better job than national agencies.

Are there ‘extra’ charges?

Our preference is to make charges for cottages fully inclusive of heating, electricity, linen and towels. However some owners have long-standing special arrangements for electricity, towels and so forth. Where these exist we make it clear in the property descriptions and in the packs we send out after you make a booking.

What is the security deposit?

This is a fee charged by owners as an insurance against damage to fixtures and fittings. The amount varies depending on the size of the property. Owners do not normally charge for minor accidental damage such as broken glasses.  

 Do you send reminders for balances?

If you forget we’ll write to you initially by email.

 Are swimming pools safety supervised?

No, pools are not supervised and you and your party use them at your own risk. Children, poor swimmers and non-swimmers should always be supervised in pool areas.

 When are swimming pools open?

Outdoor heated pools are available for your use between Spring Bank Holiday and the second week in September unless we say otherwise in the property description. Indoor pools are available all year unless we say otherwise in the property description. Owners normally have ‘house rules’ about the use of swimming pools. All are reasonable, but check with us before you book if this is important to you.

What about phones & Wifi

Not all properties have phones, but we do encourage owners to provide Wi-fi and where available it is available at no additional charge.

What about people who are disabled or have mobility problems?

Please call us to discuss. Only properties with access for wheelchairs display the ‘wheelchair symbol’. However we can provide information on how many steps are required to access a house.

 How do we know how to get to the property?

We send all our customers a detailed ‘dossier’ about the property. This contains detailed directions to find the property, information about the property and the local area and local contact numbers.

Who do we contact before we arrive?

Contact details will be printed on your booking confirmation and on your directions to the property. You should phone the designated contact a few days before you arrive to discuss arrival arrangements with them.

 When can we arrive at the property we have booked?

Properties are generally available from 3pm-4pm on the first day of your holiday and you will need to leave by 10am-11am on your departure day. Exact times will be specified in the 'pack' we email out to you after you have booked.

 What about dogs and other pets?

If a property accepts dogs it is indicated on the property details page. We need to know how many dogs you want to bring and, if there’s more than one, we will need to ask owners first. Even if the first pet is free, there will be a charge for additional pets. Pets are not allowed on furniture or in bedrooms. House rules relating to pets at all properties are set out in our Terms and Conditions.  Please always keep pets under control. Regrettably, those that chase sheep or other livestock risk being shot by farmers.

Allergies – pets, feathers, etc?

If you need (for allergy reasons, for instance) a property which pets NEVER enter, please always ask us. Please don’t assume owners who don’t accept dogs will never allow a dog (guide dogs, for example) in the property. Similarly, if anyone in your party suffers from allergies to feathers or other materials, please let us know when you are booking so that we can guide you towards an appropriate property.

 Can we change the names of the people in our party after we have booked our holiday?

Yes, however, we must know, in writing (letter or email) and in advance, the names of all guests, their ages and nationality and the dates they will stay in the property. The overnight total mustn’t exceed the maximum number the property is advertised as accommodating and owners may place restrictions on the number of ‘swaps’ they are happy to accommodate.

 Can we invite friends over?

Yes, but the number of people we state the property ‘sleeps’ is the maximum permitted to stay in it or use its facilities (swimming pool, for instance). That doesn’t mean you can’t invite a few friends for a meal. However, it very much means they can’t stay the night (only those named on your booking confirmation can do that), or camp nearby and come round every day and you can’t throw a party involving extra people at the property without making special arrangements with the owner. In any case, we must always know who will be at the property and when.

 Do we need to clean the property before we leave?

Yes, please. Owners or caretakers clean all properties between lets, but PLEASE leave yours clean, otherwise the owner or caretaker may have a terrible struggle to have it thoroughly clean for the next guests.

Can we smoke inside properties?

Most of our properties are completely non-smoking but there is usually an outside area where you can smoke.

 What if we’re not happy?

If you find anything wrong, tell the owner or the caretaker IMMEDIATELY. They will be anxious to put it right. If they do not seem to be or you can’t get hold of them, then tell us AT ONCE (01803 864 551). Outside normal office hours please call 07866 567 894.

What’s provided?

Some basic consumable items are likely to be present in the property when you arrive. If you wish to avoid duplication, check with the owner (or caretaker) what will and won’t be there. Tea, coffee, sugar, salt, pepper, dishwasher tabs, washing up liquid, cleaning materials and loo roll are all likely to be present. There may also be other non-perishable items like a few herbs and spices.

 Is there anything else we should know or be prepared for?

Food shopping: Many supermarkets provide delivery services to even quite rural areas which can be handy. Please also support local shops and, if possible, buy locally produced food.

Roads in the West Country: away from the main ones, roads are often narrow. So are village streets. Take care and be prepared and willing to reverse to a passing place if your car is the nearest to one.

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